05 October 2007

emerging african poets?

I recently had occasion to reflect on what I know of "emerging" African poets -- that is, younger poets, in their 20s and 30s, who are writing, performing, and publishing across the continent.

And I don't know much.

In fits and starts I intend to begin investigating, doing bibliographic research, generally finding out what I can find out. But a little help would be much appreciated.

Who are some of the exciting younger poets who are familiar to you? I am something of a traditionalist, and am interested more in those who have published through more established venues: those who have a collection or two, or chapbook in print (or that's fallen out of print but is available), who publish regularly in newspapers and/or magazines and journals, etc.

If there is an accompanying web presence -- video performance, blog, etc -- all the better; but I am less interested in those poets whose material is available only in these formats or that has been exclusively self-published outside the continent.

Send along names, information, thoughts and I'll post my own findings as well.


Anonymous said...

Chiedu Ifeozo... look him up on facebook...excellent Nigerian poet

mark l lilleleht said...

Excellent YouTube "performance" of Ifeozo's poem "Homecoming"...