24 April 2008

an experiment in "new media"?

Well, I'm here at the annual conference of the African Literature Association and it occurred to me that this is an excellent opportunity to report on the place of poetry in this little slice of the academic field.

There is, on initial (and admittedly cursory) review of the program, stunningly little poetry. Certainly few panels devoted exclusively to poetry. Poets are, of course, rife at the conference itself; and there are opportunities to both present and read (or perform). But there are few showcases of poetry.

Still, later this afternoon, Thursday, there is a roundtable on contemporary poetry, and on Friday there is reading at one of the local bookstores. I will be blogging on both programs as they run.

As an experiment. On a lark.

There is also a panel of poets and dramatists on offer Sunday morning -- but I will have left Macomb by then, so anyone who wants to send their thoughts on that panel (or any panel or performance or poet at the conference) is, of course, both welcome and invited to!

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