30 April 2012

reviews all over the web: part 2 of 3

A smaller, slightly more manageable (read: digestible??) chunk of reviews this round, with a South/ern Africa focus:
And finally, three reviews of Together, the joint production by Zimbabweans Julius Chingono and John Eppel (and published by 'amaBooks) which came out soon after Chingono's death:
Some excellent reviews (I'm looking at you Twidle), some good poetry to be had, and considerable tripe (though most critics seem hesitant to suggest as much). Yup, that sounds about right...


Anonymous said...

Very useful repository you have here, Mark. I must admit that I slip in and out when I can. Keep it up!

Mark Lilleleht said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dela. Next batch of reviews (and hopefully some more substantive reflective work of my own) should be coming over the next week or so.

Enjoy your work with http://afrilingual.wordpress.com/ too!!

Anonymous said...

Kinda just fell into this blog!
Enjoyed the links on the post a lot!

Kenyan Poet at Short Poetry

Dela said...

Happy 2014, Mark. Keep it going here.

Mark Lilleleht said...

And to you, Dela -- looking forward to a much more "productive" year (on the blog here) in 2014!!