25 April 2012

a little something for your pocket...

Tomorrow, April 26, is Poem In Your Pocket Day -- another little exercise in frivolous poetic fun that's part of the larger National Poetry Month program here in the US. And... well...

Look, we all know quality African poetry is hard to come by. And lord knows there wasn't any available on the PIYP page. So I thought we might as well put together a little something that anyone can print out, fold up, and tuck in their pocket for the day.

This year we've got Jared Angira's poem, "Keyboard" (jpg version here). It somehow seemed appropriate.

So here's the deal: print out a copy -- available as a jpg & pdf -- and stuff it in your pocket. Maybe pull it out at a street corner and read it aloud. Maybe print out a couple copies and hand them out to friends you meet during the day. Strangers even.

Enjoy it.

Or copy a poem you prefer, tuck it away, and carry on. And if you think of it, let us know what poem you're carrying in your pocket today!!

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