13 January 2009

african poetry on youtube

There must be a better way, and there is certainly more out there than is dreamed of in the YouTube-iverse, but in hopes of broadcasting to a wider audience (I am becoming, I feel, something of an evangelist), I've put together an African poetry channel on YouTube.

It will be slow going, for sure, and I still have to figure out the best way to capitalize on what YouTube offers, but as I'm working through all that you can help: send along links to clips you find of your favorite poet or just send along the names of new (and established -- I know I've used "old" repeatedly...) poets and I'll search for them too.

I don't link to everything. I want to make sure the videos are audible and of passable quality. I want them to be at least marginally significant, interesting, engaging, what have you... Yes, yes: all unabashedly subjective decisions.

So, argue with me.


And in the meantime -- I hope -- enjoy!!


Emmanuel Sigauke said...

This is a good resource; I found you on book SA

mark l lilleleht said...

My thanks, Emmanuel. For those wondering, here's the link to the Book SA story (which links back to my piece on Achebe reading). Great resource, and a nice bit of publicity for APR -- which just means I need to get to work!

Sean said...

I am fan of Gabeba Baderoon and Rustum Kozain's poetry. Nice website.
-- Sean

mark l lilleleht said...

I'm developing my appreciation of Baderoon as I read and hear more of her work. Kozain is a new name to me. I'll have to run down some of his work. Found some videos of readings that I'll get posted to apr (usa) on youtube.