24 April 2014

apr (usa) does poem in your pocket day... again!

This year's edition of the african poetry review's contribution to Poem in Your Pocket Day is Katharine Kilalea's "A perfect love" from her collection, One Eye'd Leigh (Carcanet, 2009).

To the left is a hi-res jpg version. You can also download & print a pdf version of the poem.

What are you supposed to do with such? Well, print it out and carry it around in your pocket. Come back to it throughout the day; read it to yourself, read it aloud; print a few extra copies and hand them out to friends, colleagues, those sitting next to you on the bus, and even those passing you along the street.

Why the hell not?

((For those on the continent, already thinking about wrapping up the day, it's a little late but there's still time; and a there's a whole evening ahead, na be so?))

I'll be handing copies out at the office, leaving them scattered about here and there, maybe even declaiming it... well... out my window? Hmmm... maybe. That's a big "maybe".

I have, though, already declaimed it once, in the privacy of my own home (I'm no fool). And recorded it (maybe I am):

So there it is. Share this around if you're so inclined or share around one of your own. What poem is in your pocket today?

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