18 April 2013

another year, another something for your pocket...

Poem In Your Pocket Day
PIYP Day is April 18, 2013
This year, as part of National Poetry Month (in the United States), April 18 has been declared Poem In Your Pocket Day -- and I thought... sure... why not... let's hop on the bandwagon.

And that's just what we're doing. So once again I combed through The Archives and have put together a little something that anyone can print out, fold up, and tuck in their pocket for the day.

This year we've got Gabriel Okara's poem, "Celestial Song" (jpg version here) from his collection The Fisherman's Invocation. With Okara's birthday fast approaching (92nd birthday by my reckoning; but was he born on the 21st or the 24th? sources disagree -- I'm going with the 21st) I thought it appropriate. It's not his best poem but it fit neatly on the page.

So here's the deal: print out a copy -- available as a jpg & pdf -- and stuff it in your pocket. That's it. If you wanted to you could pull it out on a street corner and read it aloud. Maybe print out a couple copies and hand them out to friends you meet during the day. Hand them out to strangers even; make them a friend (to poetry).

Or, if you'd rather, copy a poem that's particularly close to your heart, tuck it away, and carry (it) on.

If you think of it, let us know what poem you're carrying in your pocket today in the comments below. But most importantly, enjoy having it -- whatever poem you choose -- so close!!

Late addendum @ 9:20am -- a reading of Okara's "Celestial Song":

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