12 March 2013

since we couldn't seem to give away the t-shirts...

apr (usa) coffee mug for 2013
We're going to try to give away a few coffee mugs this year! That's right, coffee mugs. Who doesn't like coffee? The t-shirts I thought were lovely but I'm always looking to grow the empire so we're going to take on, and take in, your morning cup of joe.

Now, we're still waiting for the final product to ship so we've got nothing on hand to send out at the moment. Also note that this is a very limited run: we've got 10 coming and at least 1 is probably going to stay here in Madison. But...

If you'd like your own african poetry review (usa) coffee mug send me an email and tell me what you'd do for one!! Don't worry, I don't want money. I'm talking about... offering to send us a picture of you enjoying your first coffee from the mug... making a recording of you reading a favorite poem by an African poet and sending it on to us... or... well, you tell me!!

And, yes, that is a quote from the Nigerian poet, Niyi Osundare (whose birthday it happens to be today as well):
You arrived, red-eyed,
Your forehead a wrinkled roster
Of yester-week's unpaid debt
Your feet brown with spent days
In fact... first person who can identify the poem and the collection this is from will get a mug -- the first mug!! -- shipped to them. Anywhere you are. Ready. Set. Go!!

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