09 April 2013

apr (usa) poetry workshop

Update (12 November 2013): Though much discussed I only just finally got around to deleting the community referenced below; there simply wasn't enough interest. I still like the idea and I'd be more than happy to start something similar again if there were interested, engaged poets. Comment below is this is just the sort of thing you're looking for...

For awhile now we've been running the apr (usa) poetry workshop on the Google+ network. You need to have a Google account (don't most of us by now) and you need to be a member of the community to see the posts. But the bar for the latter is low: just ask!!

It is a closed group -- requiring interested folks to request membership -- so the discussion is open and free and poets can feel comfortable sharing works-in-progress and commentators can share candid, honest feedback.

Here's our mission statement:
The goal of the apr (usa) poetry workshop is to create an online community of poets from Africa committed to sharing both their poetry and their practice with each other. 
You do not need to be a published poet to join but we do expect you to share both your poetry and your honest thoughts and feedback on the poetry your colleagues share. 
There is no perfect poem, only the good enough. 
Thus, don't share a poem you don't expect to read a critique of; similarly, don't heap effusive, non-specific praise on a work because you can think of nothing better to say.
So far traffic has been light. As with so much else here on teh interwebz, this is just an experiment. If there's not sufficient interest... well... we'll just pack up and try something new. But...

If you're a working "African" poet looking to workshop your poems and hoping for some forthright feedback and not just plaudits and applause... join us!!

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