07 December 2012

don't tuck those manuscripts away quite yet!!

No, we haven't gotten into the publishing game. Yet.

But the African Poetry Book Fund -- which manages the just closed Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets & supports the Brunel University African Poetry Prize -- notes on its website that it accepts submissions "year-round for the contemporary category of the African Poetry Book Series." The brief blurb can be found here; a full round-up of the APBF offerings is here.

They are looking for manuscripts of at least 50 pages so you have to have been at it for awhile. And rather seriously at it; speaking as a laboring poet, fifty manuscript pages -- let alone fifty manuscript pages of decent quality -- are hard to come by...

Oh, and do everyone a favor: edit that shit!!

But don't be shy. Contact the APBF managing editor and submit. Even if you don't get published you might get some valuable feedback.

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