12 January 2012

let us send you a little sumpin' sumpin'...

apr (usa) postcardI've floated this out on Facebook but figured it ought to be made "official": african poetry review (usa) would like to send you an African poetry postcard, just like the one to the right here. Pretty slick little picture and, on the reverse, a few of our favorite lines and probably a few colorful doodles by yours truly.

We'll ship anywhere!! Hell, it's a postcard; even I can afford that.

What do you have to do to get one of these beauties? Just email apr (usa) with your name and mailing address and we'll send it right out!!

Here's all I ask: if you're on Facebook post a picture of yourself with the postcard when it arrives on the apr (usa) Facebook page. If you're not on Facebook maybe you'd just email a picture to us? Get creative with it; invite your friends; have some fun. That's what we're all about here anyway.

But first: get your apr (usa) postcard today!!

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