12 February 2010

another one for the (resident) south africans among us

There is an announcement on the Book SA website that the deadline for the inaugural Sol Plaatje Poetry Award has been extended to 1 March 2010 (original deadline appears to have been 31 January 2010).

Information on the award, eligibility guidelines, and details on how to submit are all in the posting.

The real exciting aspect of the prize? The award will be given "for poetry in all 11 South African languages".

The ten thousand rand award will be spread rather thin this way but what an opportunity -- and something I certainly wish you saw more often elsewhere.

I can't find anything about the Sol Plaatje Poetry Award on the Jacana Media/EU Awards webpages (Jacana Media seems to be the coordinator of the award), so look to the posting above for information -- and updates?

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