21 January 2010

calling all south african poets and...

Others? It's not entirely clear. Photographers, yes. But non-South Africans? Well... there's no exclusionary text; nothing defining scope of "eligible" contributors at all. So tell you what, let's not overthink this.

Incwadi: A Journal of South African poetry and photography has just put out its call for submissions for the Fall 2010 issue. You can find more details on the About Incwadi page (which will probably be updated when they put out the call for Spring 2011 -- it makes my head hurt to even try to think that far ahead) and on the BOOK Southern Africa site (which is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine).

General layout and navigation of Incwadi leaves a bit to be desired -- the Spring 2009 issue (it's first and so far only) is essentially a single blog entry which makes for a lot of scrolling without any functioning internal links that might allow you to jump easily from poet to poet or bookmark any of note -- but there are some interesting poems (these are lyrics; many seemingly self-consciously so), intriguing photographs, and some (now) recognizable names. Definitely worth taking a look.

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