02 December 2009

colloquium on don maclennan

I wasn't at all familiar with the poetry of Don Maclennan prior to my trip to South Africa (and, in particular, before my time in Grahamstown, the home of Rhodes University). And truth be told, I know little more now; though I am also sure that that will change over time (and in subsequent visits).

But this is just the sort of thing I love to see and want to support:

Rhodes University is putting together both a commemorative colloquium & volume of critical essays on the work and life of Don Maclennan. Deadline for proposals is 31 December 2009.

Too bad I won't be able to attend, nor have spent enough time with Maclennan's work to contribute -- but perhaps you can?

As a side note, I discovered this via the BookSA Twitter feed. Maybe it is a fad -- the too easily dismissed "next big thing" -- but I have become a big fan of Twitter and have found it to be a useful tool, in both work and play.

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