01 October 2009

the african poetry review roadshow

Next week I leave the cozy (and rapidly cooling) confines of Madison, Wisconsin, hop on a plane for Detroit, and about a day later touch down in Johannesburg and start a two week visit to South Africa.

Quickly off to Durban for Poetry Africa 2009 (which starts Monday, October 5 -- so I'll catch up to it a few days in, on the evening of the 7th). On the tail end of the trip I'll be headed to Groot Marico for the Bosman Weekend (October 16-18). In between I'll be headed to Grahamstown to pay a visit to some friends at the National English Literary Museum.

I'll be blogging throughout -- and couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity.

Is there a bookshop, poet, performance, reading, monument, collection, museum, or book launch that I simply must try to find my way to while I'm there? Let me know. I'm more than willing to hustle my way from coast to coast if I must.

Will work (and travel) for poetry...

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