22 May 2008

stumbling across the savannah...

People love lions. Or so it seems.

Of the folks who have eventually found their way to this site, 17 of them have been searching for "lion" or some search string that included the word in it. That's as many visits -- seventeen -- as have been accounted for by the search string "african poetry".

Now, one could discuss the broader implications, the raw and mistaken equation of Africa with its wildlife, blah blah blah, but that would be a bit beside the point. And off point. They come in search of lions, they find Achebe instead.

It must be a disappointment. I wish one of those seventeen would read (or watch & listen to some of the performances) and be intrigued. But most if not all will just be disappointed by another Google dead-end.

People sure do love lions.


michele said...

Mark, I confess - I love lions, especially the lions of African literature. It was with utter glee tha I discovered I'd stumbled upon your site after having Googled "us african poetry publishers". Mark -- you are not alone. Your site is a great concept. Please keep it up. I'm looking forward to reading more of your informative posts.

Mark L Lilleleht said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Michele. And, yes, do check back. I have a great number of ideas and should have some additional reviews and resources posted in short order.

And, please: feel free to send along your own ideas for material to include or to think about -- about the old lions or the young bucks.